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The company is primarily focused on research and production in the field of optical communication.


It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of satellite antennas


The main products include Ku band, C-band, Ka band and other series of satellite antennas


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Public security mobile intelligent control system

The ideal state for mobile phone control and case handling equipment for public security personnel is full coverage, with higher costs. Even if all devices are installed, there may be non real name, black phone, counterfeit phone, and so on, which may be missed. Therefore, installing according to the standard with more mobile phone user usage is a better choice, and the necessity for a smaller user base is smaller.

The principle of remote monitoring cameras

With the development of technology, more and more incidents of eavesdropping and eavesdropping have occurred, and camera detectors have also emerged. Don't think that pinhole remote monitoring cameras are mysterious, but their principles are actually very simple. At present, the transmission methods of pinhole remote monitoring cameras are mainly through wireless radio wave transmission, wireless WiFi network transmission, or 4G to WiFi wireless transmission. Radio wave transmission is mainly achieved by transmitting a specific frequency of radio waves through a radio wave transmitter, and then receiving the radio wave signal within an effective range using a receiving screen. The radio wave signal is then converted into a video signal to receive the captured image. The effective transmission range of such a machine is between 100 to 300 meters, and if there are obstructions in the environment, the effect is greatly reduced. The transmission of any medium has losses, which is why there are limits to the distance transmitted through radio waves. The higher the transmitting power of a machine, the farther it transmits and the greater the heat generated.

Talking about Mobile Phone Signal Blocking

Due to the development of communication technology, personal mobile communication has brought convenience to people's lives, and the impact of blocking mobile phone signals on similar occasions such as prisons and detention centers is becoming increasingly prominent. Once mobile phones are illegally brought into prison and put into practice, it will bring great harm to the management and security of prisons, detention centers, and other places. So establishing a truly effective mobile phone blocking system can provide strong technological support for prisons and detention centers. However, due to the current mixed market, many cheap mobile phone blockers are mainly suitable for general civilian use due to limitations such as performance indicators, reliability, and operating conditions. In large places such as prisons and detention centers, there may be certain problems, such as external interference, and some may even seriously affect public communication.